Greenplum Database

Greenplum’s massive parallel processing architecture provides automatic parallelization of all data and queries in a scale-out, shared nothing architecture

Greenplum Database is a massively parallel processing (MPP) database server with an architecture specially designed to manage large-scale analytic data warehouses and business intelligence workloads. Greenplum uses high-performance system architecture to distribute the load of multi-terabyte data warehouses, and can use all of a system’s resources in parallel to process a query.

Greenplum Database is based on PostgreSQL open-source technology. It is essentially several PostgreSQL disk-oriented database instances acting together as one cohesive database management system (DBMS).

Greenplum Database can use the append-optimized (AO) storage format for bulk loading and reading of data, and provides performance advantages over HEAP tables. Append-optimized storage provides checksums for data protection, compression and row/column orientation. Both row-oriented or column-oriented append-optimized tables can be compressed.

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