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Datawarehouse Business Inteligence and Big Data Architecture

Differences between Data Warehouse-Business Intelligence and Big Data Architecture

There are many people wondering the difference between Data Warehouse – Business Intelligence architecture (DW-BI) and Big Data architecture. The two following diagrams depict those differences. 

Data Warehouse – Business Intelligence Architecture

The following chart illustrates business intelligence, where in the era of business intelligence the data source comes from a local database of each application, such as CRM, ERP and so on has its own database.

Through ETL (or Extract, Transform, Load) data from the local database is collected into the data warehouse. Then use OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) tools to input into Business Intelligence that generates reports, such as ad-hoc reports, dashboards, or printed reports.

Big Data Architecture

The following chart illustrates the Big Data architecture. In the era of Big Data, cloud computing and Restful APIs have existed, where the interface between applications supports the flow of data transactions.

After extracting, transforming and loading the data, it is placed in distributed storage and distributed processing and this is what is called Hadoop. At the end of the Big Data architecture, which is to meet the needs of data presentation, there is technology for analytics and visualization.

In this big data era, data analysis needs have also developed, so that the users of data are not only business users but also data analysts.

Author: Hendrix Yapputro M.Sc., Certified IT Architect – General Manager PT Equine Global

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