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NPP has services to support the application of information technology, especially in the area of infrastructure technology. As a system integrator that is always in touch with the IT Technology trend, our consultants are required to always possess and develop their knowledge in the area of IT technology. We have consultants who are experienced and have professional certifications in their respective fields. Our portfolio in the technology infrastructure IT area includes the following products:

  1. Server & Storage Solution
  2. Data Protection
  3. Virtualization
  4. IT Monitoring & Management Tool
  5. Network & Security
  6. Cloud Infrastructure
  7. Hyper-converged infrastructure 

What we can do for you

Select which one of Infrastructure Solution that can help your goal

Network & Security

Build your Network Infrastructure with the right solution and protect it with the advance today security Technology

Cloud Infrastructure

The cloud simplifies IT complexity while making it easier to access information from anywhere and anytime

Server & Storage

NPP provides storage solutions starting with the Tape library System, DAS (Direct Attached Storage), NAS (Network Attached Storage) to SAN (Storage Are Network)

Data Protection

Protect your important Data from corruption, compromise or loss with reliable Backup solution

IT Monitoring & Management Tool

It give you deep visibility to view and capability to easily manage and optimize your IT infrastructure


Optimize your Infrastructure with virtualization Technology . It will help you to optimize your IT Infrastructure by reducing cost and improve availability

Hyper-converged Infrastructure

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solution will simplify your IT Infrastructure by integrating compute & storage resources into a single solution with software define platform

Our Partners

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