The digital transformation era has brought about significant changes in the way businesses operate, interact with customers, and leverage technology to gain a competitive edge. IT infrastructure plays a central role in enabling and supporting digital transformation initiatives. It serves as the foundation upon which organizations can build their digital capabilities and drive innovation.

NPP as a System Integrator helps organizations navigate the intricacies of digital transformation by seamlessly integrating disparate systems and technologies especially in the area of infrastructure technology.  As a system integrator that is always in touch with the IT Technology trend, our consultants are required to always possess and develop their knowledge in the area of IT technology. We have consultants who are experienced and have professional certifications in their respective fields. Our portfolio in the technology infrastructure IT area includes the following solution:

  • Compute solution
  • Storage Solution
  • Data Protection
  • IT Infrastructure Monitoring System
  • End point Management System
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Network Solution
  • Cyber security

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