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NPP as one of Sangfor’s Gold Partners in Indonesia

In March 2019, PT. Niagaprima Paramitra was trusted and appointed as Sangfor’s Gold Partners in Indonesia. This high partnership level shows NPP’s high commitment, experiences, and capabilities in delivering Sangfor soutions.

In Indonesia, Sangfor introduces two of its flagship products, Sangfor WANO for WAN Optimization and Sangfor IAM for Internet Access Control. Sangfor IAM is a network device used to regulate and control bandwidth usage and internet access while Sangfor WANO is a network device that functions to optimize WAN bandwidth so that data packages can be transferred much more and faster.

*Sangfor IAM products have specifically proven to be a very good quality product to support companies in increasing employee work productivity in utilizing internet usage. Its features include:

  • Has an ability to regulate internet bandwidth in accordance with company policy;
  • Filter internet access that is illegal and disrupt work productivity;
  • Detect user behavior in using the internet; and
  • As a sophisticated tool for conducting network audits and reporting related to internet usage by the user.

Meanwhile Sangfor WANO is a network device used to optimize the bandwidth usage of a WAN connection link. With this device, data traffic from the head office to branch offices outside the city via a WAN connection can be transferred much more and faster so the company does not need to increase its bandwidth consumption because leased line WAN connections fees are relatively expensive in Indonesia. As a result the WAN connection will increase in speed and capacity by an average of 70% and make the WAN connection as if it were a LAN connection.

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