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To improve the skills and capabilities of IT personnel within the customer organization, we provide training services for debriefing in handling various technical problems that may be faced on a daily basis. Our training services provides next generation training and consulting solutions both to individual clients and to corporates. Technical training is customized for corporate clients and individual participants. We provide solutions to corporate clients and individuals designed to meet the complex needs of today’s business environment with an accurate understanding of their unique business requirements. Our Trainer/Consultants have extensive, successful corporate experience in successfully delivering effective business solutions. Other associates include a variety of technical specialists with past experience in software services who provide practical, proven, and customized solutions.

The training services we offer are related to IT knowledge in the following fields.

Programming and Database Training involves database construction and management, programming language, and similar areas.

Desktop Applications Training focuses on how to use programs and applications for desktop users.

Enterprise Business Applications Training involves software applications that manage organizations’ processes, such as ERP, CRM, call center management, automated billing systems, etc.

IT Infrastructure Training focuses on building, sustaining, and managing technical infrastructure.

Certification Training includes certifications, compliance, exam preparation, or boot camp style training programs.

Cyber Security Training involves courses and training programs centered on IT network and system security.

We also have synergized Training with Xsis Academy.

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